Step 1, How to Cook Eggs

Everyone needs to eat. That is a fact of life but not everyone knows how to cook. Some people are afraid to even begin to attempt cooking. That is a problem I will try to address in this blog. First, a little history on eating eggs.

Humans have been eating eggs since humans have been around. Being opportunistic, we quickly learned how we could obtain an easy meal. In the beginning, eggs were eaten raw. To many of you reading this, that does not sound very appetizing.

The discovery of fire ultimately led to a better way of preparing not only eggs but most of the food we consume. Eggs were first roasted in the coals. This practice is still used today among many people of the world. One example being the !kung people of Africa which is done with Ostrich eggs.

With the invention of pottery came new ways of storage as well as cooking. At this stage we learned to boil eggs thus giving us hard boiled eggs and a new option. We all know that variety is the spice of life! Somewhere along that line we eventually ended up at the most common way to cook eggs which is now the frying pan if you’re cooking eggs for breakfast.

Now that we have a little history established, we can discuss a few ways eggs are prepared and eaten. One of my favorite ways is scrambled into fried rice. They seem to absorb the bouquet of flavors used in cooking the dish and it’s an easy way to cook them. Another great way is pickled and if you’ve ever been to Long Beach, you might know that the best place for these delicious treats is one of the oldest established bars in the area Joe Josts. They have just enough spice and tang to excite the tastebuds. Eggs are also used in very many different ways from binding agents in forming burgers, meatballs and cakes. Quiche is a prime example of eggs binding cakes as it is technically a cake which highlights eggs.

The most simple method of cooking eggs and the way that will be laid out for you to try yourself is in a pan. These type of eggs are the ones you enjoy at breakfast wether in your favorite restaurant or in the home. These can be sunny side up, over easy, over medium, scrambled or an omelette. I’ll go over all of them so you can try them however you like them the best. The method is simple and you’ll only need a few things you already have in your home.

Assuming you’ve got a stove or a hot plate, you’ll need these additional items. For starters, a frying pan and the smaller the frying pan, the easier it will be to cook unless you’re cooking for a group. Second you’ll need a spatula. I prefer to use a plastic type spatula as it is rigid enough as well as flexible. You do not have to use the same type if you don’t have it. The next few items you’ll need is your cooking oil, eggs, seasonings and possibly a measuring cup.

The first thing you will want to do is put your frying pan on the stove and add in about a table spoon of cooking oil. This oil can be vegetable, canola, olive or what ever oil you have available. You will turn on your stove and put it on a low setting. If your dial has numbers, you’ll want to set it at 2. You want a low flame. This will make sure your eggs will not burn and stick. Now that you have the frying pan going, it is time to crack your eggs. You can crack them right into the pan or into a measuring cup. If you use a measuring cup, pour the eggs gently into the pan. If you decide to cook them sunny side up, you will not do anything to the eggs except add seasonings. A little salt and pepper is usually the way to go. Once your egg sets and becomes solid, gently slide the spatula under, pick up the egg and put it on your plate. If you are going with over easy you’ll want to flip the eggs over as gentle as possible and let them sit for about 10 seconds then flip them back over onto your plate. With over medium eggs, you’ll do the same thing but let the eggs sit longer, about 20-30 seconds.

Scrambled eggs do not require you to be so gentle. You will set the stove and pan up the exact same way but first you’ll put your eggs into the measuring cup, take a fork or whisk and beat the egg until the yolks and whites intermingle. Pour the eggs into the frying pan and using your spatula, flip the eggs every 30 seconds or so and cook until the eggs set. If you want fluffier eggs you can add a small amount of milk. You do not need much. About a half ounce will do the trick.

Omelettes take the most prep but make for a more filling breakfast. For the sake of simplicity, we will go over a simple ham and cheese omelette. You will want to throw your ham in the frying pan first. Preferably diced into small cubes or pieces. Cook the ham for about 5-10 minutes. Now throw your whisked eggs into the pan and let it cook for about 3 minutes. Once the underside of the egg is set, add shredded cheese and flip half of the egg over the other making a half circle. Let that stand for a minute then flip it onto its other side. Once you are happy with the texture, pull it out and set it on your plate.

That’s all there really is to it. To get started with cooking, eggs are a good base. They are very forgiving and do not require an extensive knowledge of culinary arts. Anyone can cook eggs and once you have mastered this, you can take your cooking to the next level. I hope you found this article helpful and would enjoy your feedback. Thank you!

What you will need

Frying pan, spatula, 2 eggs, oil, table spoon, measuring cup and seasonings.

Prep time: 10 minutes

Cook time: 5 minutes